Herbal Extracts

With the advances in modern technology Traditional Chinese Medicine has also evolved with time, traditional ways of preparation has been replaced by the convenience of Scientific Extracts.

Herbal Extracts Medicine

Scientific Herbal Extracts

Chinese Medicine has a cultural tradition of over 5,000 years experience.

Accumulated knowledge of health and medicine led Chinese physicians to classify and study thousands of herbs. Many modern Physicians now prescribe herbal extracts as more reliable and convenient treatment.

Healing and preventative effects of Chinese herbs and growing public awareness, has led to the increased demand for herbal treatments in Western society. Concentrated herbal formulas not only provide excellent results for patients but are convenient to prepare and consume and can be used in the treatment of various diseases. Traditionally, Chinese Physicians prescribed tea decoctions from combinations of dried herbs.

Harmony Chinese Medical Centre prescribes 100% Scientific Herbal Extract in powder form. This is not only more convenient for the patient, avoiding the messy process of decoction; it also ensures the medication you receive is reliable and consistent in quality and quantity, with no risk of contamination or variations in the active ingredients.

Average concentration is five to six times that of dried raw herbs. Our medicines are consistent in potency, quality and quantity, therefore highly efficient and reliable. The high efficacy of our scientific herbal extracts is demonstrated by the fact that they are the only form of herbal medicine that the national Medicare system in Taiwan recognises.

Recent studies have found that Chinese herbs

also provide abundant essential vitamins and minerals. Other substances rarely found in a modern diet like, glycosides, saponins, resins, mucilage, flavonoids, trace minerals and essential oils are also provided by Chinese herbs.

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