Pain Free Acupuncture

SSP (Silver Spike Point) Therapy eliminates some of the drawbacks of traditional acupuncture including broken needles, difficult techniques, pain of stimulus, 'fear' of needles and anxiety and about contagion or risk of puncture of internal organs.

Chinese Needle Free Acupuncture Kew Melbourne

What is Needle Free Acupuncture?

Harmony Chinese Medical Centre Pty Ltd is the first of a growing number of clinics with this revolutionary equipment in Australia and New Zealand.

This most advanced form of acupuncture treatment was developed in 1976 in Japan as a joint academic/industrial study. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation has been widely used in hospitals and medical institutions across Asia for effective physical therapy, especially for easing pain for over 26 years. Nerve stimulation is achieved through metal conical electrodes. Patients usually enjoy this comfortable, painfree treatment.

Treatment facilitates the discharge of endorphins as does traditional acupuncture, with benefit of speedy, needle free treatment for patients with delicate skin and for children.

SSP (Silver Spike Point) Therapy (using machine supplied by Nihon Medix) eliminates some of the drawbacks of traditional acupuncture including broken needles, difficult techniques, pain of stimulus, 'fear' of needles and anxiety and about contagion or risk of puncture of internal organs.

This Therapy has proven to be the most advanced treatment for the management of Pain and many other conditions!

SSP Therapy is also superior to Laser acupuncture where only one acupuncture point can be accessed at a time. The treatment time of laser acupuncture is limited and it heats the acupuncture point area which is not always suitable for Chinese Medical treatments. There is also a risk of possible damage to sensitive body organs.

Harmony Chinese Medicine Acupuncture in Melbourne is able to treat:

Sciatica, Digestive Disorders, Headaches, Tennis Elbow, Sports Injuries, Coughs, Flu, Asthma, Joint problems, Arthritis, Hay Fever, Lack of Energy, Menstrual Problems, Fertility aid, Tinnitus, Back Pains, Neck Pains, Shoulder and Elbow Conditions, Pain, Quit smoking and much more!

Harmony Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Melbourne is equipped with the latest technology combined with ancient Chinese Medicine philosophy. Because we have an indepth understanding of the human anatomy and physiology, acupuncture is applied precisely and accurately. At Harmony Chinese Medicine Acupuncture in Melbourne we treat the body as a unit, each is treated as an individual.

What to expect from a Chinese medicine and acupuncture treatment?

You will firstly be seen by one of our experienced Chinese medicine and acupuncture doctors. The first visit can last from 45 minutes to 90 minutes. The doctors will gather information thoroughly from you via the signs and symptoms that are presented and applying the ancient art of pulse and tongue diagnosis as an aid in diagnosing the actual cause.

The treatment is precise and individual because every patient is different.

The doctor will then treat you accordingly with either acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine (which is tailored to the individual) or a combination of both depending on the case that is presented. The use of acupuncture and herbal medicine together is a preferred treatment plan as that will assist in the progress of healing.

At the same time the doctor will advise you on dietary and lifestyle changes, which are very important pathways in achieving a harmonious balance within the body.

What do I expect from an acupuncture treatment?

Acupuncture needles penetrate the skin into the tissue layers. The acupuncture needle is then manipulated in such a way by an acupuncturist who will tweedle with the acupuncture needle to achieve a Qi sensation. The patient will experience this sensation once the acupuncture needle has contacted the correct acupuncture point.

Stimulation via acupuncture needles then directs the body's own internal regulatory mechanisms to bring back a proper balance or to unblock blockages of the body's energy pathways.

Although acupuncture is an ancient form of treatment, like all other treatments and developments, it has come a long way since then. Here at Harmony Chinese Medical Centre Pty Ltd Centre we can also apply a needle free acupuncture treatment. The philosophy is the same but this treatment is just without acupuncture needles. This can be a great way of applying acupuncture for those who are scared of needles.

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